MikaLendingBot is an automated cryptocurrency lending bot for Poloniex and Bitfinex.

Originally PoloniexLendingBot, this project was born in 2015 from the need to automate the making of margin lends on the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex.
In mid 2016, I emailed the maintainer and asked to be brought on the project as it wasn’t living up to my expectations at the time as a user.
This was not my first Python project, but was my first one relating to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Three years and 300 commits later…

As United States regulations tightened and I could no longer be a user of the software, we disabled donations and declared the project discontinued.
Apparently, little has changed since this happened in 2019, and the software still mostly works.

This project is open source, and can be found on GitHub here.
At the time of writing in 2021, there are 1,073 stargazers following the project.